Please read if you cannot decide. Here you will find answers for all the bothering questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail address

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If you are interested in my offer, together we determine the nature of the site and its overall appearance. You can also send addresses to websites that you like or, if you do not have any particular taste, I will send a couple of template proposals that are worth applying. You can safely leave everything in my hands. I always advise the best and cheapest solutions and I also provide free consultation and price valuation.

Next, I will need texts and usable photos from you. It is worth to consider their layout in advance, because the content is the basis for the success of any website. I start working after receiving the initial materials and after about a week I send the initial look of the page. Then, on a "living organism", meaning a working website, we set all the changes, corrections and touches.

Each website project is priced individually, therefore, without knowing the details, it is difficult to determine the exact cost of the workload. In order to get a free cost estimation, please contact me at

After completing the website design, the only costs will be annual fees for hosting (server) and domain. The price is of course dependent on the service provider, however, in the case of hosting suggested by me, the site is maintained at around 35 euro annually.

For my part, I do not charge any hidden fees.

Sure. All my work can be invoiced if you prefer this kind of payment.
Of course! I will be making changes and improving my work until we reach an agreement. This is my normal policy and you will not incur any additional costs. My main priority is your satisfaction!
No problem. If you need permanent site administration, changing of the content or even completely rebuilding the website, I will price everything individually.

CMS which I am working on is WordPress. It is the world's largest platform for creating websites. It is estimated that one third of the entire Internet works on WordPress. Its database contains ten of thousands of themes and plugins. Thanks to that the website can be perfectly personalized to the client's needs.

Based on WordPress structure there are blogs, company websites and even entire internet services. This is currently the largest platform of its kind on the market, which is used even by giant companies and corporations, including BBC America, CNN, NASA, Sony Playstation, Microsoft, Samsung, Time Magazine, New York Post, Wired Magazine, TechCrunch, Angry Birds, Quartz, Vogue, Mercedes Benz, Van Heusen and by celebrities such as The Rolling Stones, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Usain Bolt, Sylvester Stallone and Barack Obama.

I have my own trustworthy graphics designers, so they can create any logo you want. To better meet your requirements, you can describe the nature of your business, indicate color schemes and show us the logo examples you really like. But if you have no idea, you can just rely on our experience.
Stock photos are included in the price. If your site requires very unusual photograph, I will add them to your order.

Although positioning is not my business, I can contact you with trusted companies that deal with it.

If you want to know more, I am waiting for your message. My e-mail address is You can also write me using contact form which is located in the footer of this page.