Today almost everyone is making reservations of accommodation via internet. On your website there should be all the necessary information about your building, along with the possibility of quick contact, extended gallery and price list. In the case of larger hotels, it is also recommended to add an online booking system. Thanks to this, your guests can order accommodation at any time of day or night.

Attract quests with a clean and aesthetic website.

Mobile version of the website

The completed project is responsive (RWD) and is prepared for display on mobile devices. This is very important, because almost half of websites come from smartphones.

Online booking system
It is possible to implement an advanced booking system through which the guest will be able to choose the date and free room. A booking notification will be sent to the reception e-mail address.
Individual price valuation
Depending on specific requirements, each project of the website is priced individually. The fee is always one-time, and all corrections and touches are included in the price.
Implementation throughout the world

All information exchange can be completed by e-mail. Regardless of where your hotel or holiday house is located, creating a website will be quick and easy.

Google AdWords campaigns

After creating a website, I can provide data to a friendly company dealing with AdWords campaigns. The effects are immediate and you do not have to wait months for positioning results that may not meet your expectations.

Possibility of taking care of the website
If you do not have the time or willing to update the content yourself, I can make changes for you. We only settle for major changes and alterations, all the rest is free.

Language versions of the website

If you have guests from around the world, it is worth ensuring that the website is available in several language versions. It is a great convenience and will attract many foreign tourists.

Modern presentation of rooms

Each room category should be varied graphically, so that the entire subpage presents neatly and attracts attention to the most important elements.

Notification about cookies

According to the EU requirements, each website that uses cookies should contain an appropriate message. On request, I place such information on the website - non-invasive and easy to hide.

Customer reviews and ratings

A good idea is to show off the best opinions of customers who praise the stay in a given place. Shifting slides together with the displayed quote is one of the proposed solutions.

Search engine from

If the hotel is visible on the, the search engine from the portal reservation system can be easily integrated on the website. It works completely the same as on!

Subpage with news

Important company messages can be placed on the news page, which automatically places entries chronologically. Divisions are also possible for months, categories, tags, authors, etc.

List of amenities with icons

For the convenience of guests it is worth highlighting in a clear and attractive way all amenities in the facility along with the regulations of stay, such as a hotel night hours, breakfast price or a cheaper stay for children.

Booking calendar

Anywhere on the website can be placed a calendar with marked days in which accommodation is available. Thanks to this, a potential guest has a clear insight when he can book a stay.


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