Nowadays a large amount of information services are based on the articles of a team of several enthusiasts, who share a common hobby. Regardless of the subject, whether it is modern technologies or fishing, the website and interesting texts are the basis for achieving success and gaining a wide range of readers. Hence, there is a short way to transform an information service into an developing business.

Do you have a broad knowledge of a given topic? Create your own alternative source of information!

Administration via smartphone

The content management system (CMS) is adapted to be operated via mobile devices. You do not need to be at the computer to add an article, delete a comment or view other activities in the news portal.

Clear text editor
New content is added using an editor that resembles Word in functionality. Creating lists, bolding, justifying or adding photos and headers is simple and does not require knowledge of programming languages.
Many authors on one site
In the news portal there can be any number of authors who have access to their articles through a separate login panel. Selected authors may be able to edit all texts to control the content of collaborators.
Advanced comment system
Each article can be commented on by the reader, and the answers are grouped under a given comment. The anti-spam filter prevents from adding spam links, and suspicious comments need to be accepted before publication.
Categories, tags, archives

The internal taxonomy allows you to catalog articles that can be linked to specific categories and tags so that the reader can easily find similar content. The archive works in the same way, sorting the published content by dates.

Scheduling the publication of articles
In any news portal timeliness is important, so it is possible to plan the publication of an article on a specific date and time. The article written earlier may remain visible as a sketch for other authors to inspect.

Beautiful & stylish fonts

News portal should have a unique style, because of a meticulously chosen font set. Forget about plain-looking Times New Roman or Arial. I will pick a font matching your website style and the text will no longer look boring and dull.

Audio & video recordings

Apart from texts, you can easily add audio recordings and videos, including those placed on external sites (eg YouTube). They can also be directly played on the website without leaving it.

Cookie notification

According to the EU requirements, every website using the so-called cookies should contain appropriate notification. On request, I put such a message in the footer of the website, easy to hide and with matching design.

Interactive galleries

In many news portals, photos are one of the most important elements. If you want to display them in the form of an interactive and readable gallery, I will easily add such functionality to the website.

Advertisements & banners

News portals very often make money only from advertisements, so it is worth taking care of designating places where banners should be displayed. Subsequent management of them is very simple.

Connections with social networks

Each article can be liked or shared on Facebook and other social networks. It is also worth linking the website in a way that at the time of publication, relevant information also appears on social networking sites.

Related articles, posts

In any part of the news portal, you can display related articles that are similar to the one currently being viewed and may encourage the reader to read further. These types of suggestions significantly increase the number of page views.

Activity notifications

On a chosen e-mail address will be sent information about new comments to articles, which will greatly facilitate contact with readers, and the author will not miss any discussion about his work.


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