Creative and interesting hobby should be turned into additional profit, which can turn into a full-fledged, everyday work. Photographers, musicians and other creators should have extensive and effective portfolio and their website presenting their person will certainly attract new customers.

Get new customers and make profit on your passion!

Mobile version of the website
The website is responsive, which means it is perfectly suited to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. All elements of the website are scaled and transformed so that the mobile version is legible and easy to browse.
Aesthetic and beautiful portfolio
The way of presenting your own creativity is extremely important, that is why I provide an elegant design that will perfectly fit your business. Interactive galleries, smooth animations and transitions as well as additional graphic elements will attract eyes and clicks.
Visual identification with logo
The website with the portfolio should contain a consistent design, which in terms of colors will be easily associated with the owner. You also need to take care of a clear logo referring to the activity performed, as well as a set of fonts that complement the visual identification.
Customer reviews and list of partners
It is worth to show your experience through presenting opinions of clients and listing your business partners. Everything in the form of neat sections, designed according to your taste.
Google AdWords campaigns
If you want to promote your work and services, after the end of the project I can provide contact details to a friendly company that deals with AdWords campaigns. The effects of their actions are instant and you do not have to wait months for SEO positioning results.
Implementation all over the world
All the information about the website can be exchanged by e-mail or by phone. Regardless of where you live, our cooperation will be quick and easy.

News & message board subpage

Important messages can be placed on the news page, where entries will be automatically sorted by the date of publication. There is also possibility to sort by months, categories, tags, authors etc.

Audio and video recordings

In addition to text content, you can easily add recordings and videos, including those posted on external sites such as YouTube. Such embedded content can be directly played on the website, without leaving it.

Cookies notification

According to the EU requirements, every website using cookies should contain an appropriate message. On request, I can implement such message bar in the footer, which is easy to hide and matches the design of the website.

Interactive galleries

Images are one of the most important elements on many websites. If you want to display them in the form of an interactive and tidy gallery, I will easily add such functionality to the website.

Complex contact forms

Many customers prefer to send a message via the contact form instead of writing an e-mail. The messages will reach the indicated e-mail address, thanks to which all requests and questions will be visible in one place.

Sliders with pictures

Sliding banners with advertising slogans are already a standard on almost every website. They attract attention and provide basic information about your activity, so it is worth taking care of their professional appearance.

Content copy protection

Do you want to protect content on the website from copying? Introducing the right click block is the perfect solution, so the visitor will not be able to select text or download photos from your website.

Website animations

Subtle and non-invasive animations add a charm to your website and make it stand out from others. The emerging texts or fading in images will embellish the website and help to attract the eye to the content.


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