To create an entire website I only need about a week! In the meantime we will set the details and I provide live results on a regular basis. I am in constant contact with the client.

You will pay almost half the price in comparison with other companies that offer web design. Despite such enormous savings you absolutely do not lose anything! Please email us for free valuation.

I advise the best solutions and I suggest the distribution of content along with the layout and color scheme. You can rely on my experience or can decide how you want the page to be done!

Websites for small and medium companies


Corporate websites are a showcase of your business. Website should contain subpages describing the company, its scope of activities and services, as well as contact information. Company websites are often complemented by news tab and a detailed description of the products. Depending on your needs, I will propose the best solutions to match the website with the current trends.

Creating online shops


Websites with a shopping cart, customer account and the possibility of buying products primarily should have content and photos that will well advertise and sell the product. In addition, the online store should be transparent and easy to use. My projects are based on the newest solutions, so shopping on your website will be a pleasant and problem-free experience.

Websites for hotels


Right now and Airbnb are the best places to make online reservations. However, resorts, guest houses, hotels and hostels should also have their own website to present the accommodation offer in a nice manner, so the client can make a reservation without any additional commissions.

Websites for individuals


A website with portfolio is perfect to start converting your hobby into a professional occupation. The demand for creativity-related services is not diminishing, therefore a well-tailored website will help in capturing the audience and customers. My projects will satisfy all expectations related to the functionality of this type of website.

Creating news portals


The offer applies to widely understood sites with news and current information on any topic. During designing we need to emphasize categories of entries, tags and sorting by dates and authors. The news portal should have a coherent internal structure that will make the reader to find a large amount of information without a problem.

Creating blogs and private webpages


Blog is a perfect tool for communicating with the world outside of social networks. In addition to the talent for writing, it is also necessary to have a clear and legible design, which focuses the user's attention primarily on the text. Even today blogs are ideal for expressing yourself, your opinions and emotions. A well-presented website can open the door to the career of a professional blogger.

For your convenience, I buy hosting for a year, which means 20GB of storage and the possibility of creating 10 e-mail accounts. Later costs of server maintenance are 25 €/$ per year. In addition, I reserve a domain on which the page will be displayed. Further costs are around 40 €/$ per year.
Statistics indicate that almost half of the visits on a website are from mobile devices. For this reason, my every project is also created for smartphones and tablets. This means that the web pages are responsive (RWD) and their layout automatically adapts to the size of the device.
Logotype is a hallmark of many businesses, so it is worth to ensure that its graphic form fits the character of the company. Our professional designer will prepare a logo based on your suggestions and inspirations. However, in the absence of ideas we will propose our own solutions.
It is worth to place stock photos on the website, either those shared in a public domain under a CC0 license or purchased from a stock images supplier. Thanks to this, you can easily match professional photos with your website, regardless of its type.
A professional website contains not only photos and text, but also animated sliders, contact forms or an interactive Google map. At your request, I can also prepare more advanced functionalities like booking systems, newsletters or various language versions of the website.
If you want to change the content of the website by yourself in the future, I will provide you an online training in CMS (WordPress). It is the most popular content management platform in the world and the whole training should last no longer than a half-hour.
Google Analytics is a set of tools that allows you to track website usage statistics. Among the things that can be tracked are visitors, conversions, demographic data or mobile traffic. It is worth to follow the interest of your site, because on that basis you can draw the key conclusions for running a business.
You can have multiple mailboxes based on your domain. On request, I will create new e-mail addresses and pass access and configuration data to the most popular e-mail programs. Such mailbox can also be easily connected to, for example, Gmail account.


Petite Pages - tanie i profesjonalne strony internetowe


The Petite Pages company creates professional websites with an individual graphic design and layout prepared for a specific client. I realize that every industry is different, therefore my priority is customer satisfaction with the website design. I will always provide free consultation and I will always invoice my clients only after the entire website project is completed. I also do not charge any advance payments or administration fees. Thanks to this, over 200 companies from Poland and abroad have already trusted me. Also other entrepreneurs dissatisfied with their current website also come to me for help. This is because I make sure from the very beginning that everything is transparent, obvious and clear.

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In addition to the websites listed in the offer, my projects also include:

  • Websites for lawyers
  • Websites for real estate agencies
  • Websites for schools and kindergartens
  • Websites for lawyers
  • Websites for artists

By ordering a website development service, you can be sure that I will make every effort to ensure that our cooperation runs smoothly and without any problems. We do not have to meet in person, all correspondence and exchange of materials can be done by e-mail or telephone. Also remember that you are not buying a pig in a poke - I issue a VAT invoice only at the very end, i.e. after accepting the website design and after the online training, during which I explain how you can add and edit content by yourself.


In order to present the valuation of the website project, I need to know the number of tabs/subpages, their approximate content and internal functionalities to be implemented into the website. This includes e.g. all automations, integrations with external companies (like Stripe, DHL). Initial content and graphics, such as product photos, will also be helpful. In short, the more information you start with, the better.

An additional advantage will be a website that you like to serve as inspiration. This way I will be able to get to know your taste better and we will not miss the vision of the first draft of the website. If you do not have a specific view for a website design or you want to rely on my experience - that's no problem! I assure you that I advise and suggest the best and most cost-effective solutions.

In order to order a free valuation of the website project, please contact me via e-mail address - I work from 10.00 to 18.00, and if I don't answer, it means that I will definitely call you back as soon as I find a moment to break away from current design and coding.


The implementation time of the website is about two weeks, of course depending on your commitment and the speed of reaction to corrections and comments. First of all, I need a b basic sketch - a description what the website should look like, what it will be about and what it should contain. If the initial information is not enough, I will certainly ask for clarification.

In a short time, based on this, I will create an initial draft of the website with the provided content (if you have it) or with "Lorem ipsum" texts (if there is no content and we start with the design). Photos will be stock (free, matching the theme of the website) or provided by you.

The next few days are for polishing and tweaking until you are completely satisfied with the final result. Along the way, a few ideas for changing the concept or expanding the website may come up - I'm ready for it. Experience has taught me to approach each client individually, which is why the process of creating a website for me is tailored to you and there are no rigidly defined procedures, as is often the case in the creative industry, and the competition often seems to forget about it.


Of course, the main branch of my activity is websites for companies and e-commerce stores with online sales. However, I also create more customized website designs, such as news sites, social mini-portals and travel map sites. Many of my clients had their own, very individual idea for their online business, which is why I also undertake larger, more demanding challenges.

All my website projects are based on CMS WordPress - the most popular content management system in the world. Thanks to its popularity, additions and extensive documentation, each website can be tailored perfectly to the customer's requirements while maintaining low implementation costs.

You don't have to be a technology and computer expert to be able to use WordPress. During the training, I will show you, on the example of your website, how to change a photo, edit a paragraph or even add new elements yourself. All you need is knowing where to click - no need to know a single snippet of code.


You're probably wondering why you can't find an exact price list for website development anywhere. The answer is simple - each project is different and everything is priced individually, depending on the amount of work. One website project will take a week of work, another three weeks, and another half a year. Therefore, an accurate valuation is possible only after determining the initial sketch and the most important functionalities of the website.

The final price of the website is affected by, among others:

  • Number of tabs
  • Number of external integrations
  • Website automation level
  • Online sales via website

The final price of the website is not affected by, among others:

  • Website layout
  • Animations on the website
  • Basic add-ons such as contact forms, icons, stock photos

It should also be remembered that after finishing work, there is always the possibility of further development of the website. In this way, a regular company website can be converted into an online store and vice versa. Everything is limited by imagination and common sense, both of which I have been quite well endowed with. What does it mean? First of all, I will not propose expensive and unfavorable solutions or focus on quantity over quality. I am perfectly aware that a website is a showcase of a company and for many people every pixel counts. So if you like to spend hours choosing the right shade of the leading color, you have found the right companion. Every customer's comment is welcome and put above "I don't know, but it should be nice". Remember, however, that I also try to cool the enthusiasm of some entrepreneurs who have ideas for a million dollars or come up with solutions impossible to implement in modern technology or require several hundred people on a full-time job.