Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the main source of income for many companies and having own online store is almost a requirement for the business to grow and bring a steady income. The offer includes fully functional online store along with online payments, HTTPS encryption and a dynamic search engine for products.

Sell your products on the internet. With no commissions and on your own terms.

Responsive online shop

Online store is responsive (RWD) and prepared for displaying on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Thanks to this, you will not lose your customers, because half of the purchases on the internet are made from our phones.

Encryption with HTTPS protocol

For security reasons, every online store should contain HTTPS encryption. Thanks to this, the website will be marked as safe by the browsers and the client will be able to make payments without fear of losing his sensitive data.

Individual cost estimation

Depending on the functionality and size of the online store, each project is priced individually. The fee is always one-time and all corrections and touches are included in price. Further payments are only domain and server.

Worldwide implementation

All information exchange can be completed by e-mail or by phone. Regardless of where your company is located, creating an online store will be quick and trouble-free.

Google AdWords campaigns

After creating an online store, I can pass contact to a friendly company that deals with AdWords campaigns. The effects are immediate and you do not have to wait for the SEO positioning results for months.

Online shop regulations

According to the law, each online store should have regulations in which the complaint procedure of the processing of personal data is described. If you do not have such regulations, I can outsource the creation to a specialized company.

Multi-language online shop

In case of selling goods outside your country, the online store can be equipped with various language versions that will display the product not only in a different language, but also in a different currency and price.

Advertising banners

The most important products may be promoted on banners that are displayed in any part of the online store. Moving sliders will easily present, for example, new products and encourage the customer to continue shopping.

Secure online payments

After picking up products, the customer is redirected to one of the selected payment systems (eg PayU or PayPal). The entire transaction takes place in the same way as on large auction portals.

Cart and customer account

Products can be added to the virtual shopping cart, so the user will pay for the purchase once, with price based on a bulk order. Customers also have the option of creating an account in the online store and logging in using the chosen username and password.

Product search engine

Customers of the online shop will have the option of sorting products by selected criteria, such as popularity, price, color or size.

Products management

Products can be easily edited using the admin panel as well as via CSV file, which will update all important information such as name, description or price.

Mail autoresponder

You can have the ability to send automated e-mails to customers such as reminders of an unfinished payment or information about placing the order.

Coupons & discounts

You can easily prepare discount coupons that, once used, will lower the price by a given amount or percentage. There is also the possibility of creating codes for free shipping and setting discounts for specific products.


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