A company websites is a perfect showcase of your activity. It will help to effectively acquire new customers and successfully present the offer, pricelist or company history. A website is a virtual headquarters of the company, that is why it is worth taking care of its high quality and transparency. I will offer you the best solutions and create a responsive website that suits your taste.

Show your company online! Website tailored perfectly to your needs.

Responsive website with mobile version

Website project is responsive (RWD) and prepared for displaying on mobile devices. This is very important, because almost half of visits on a website come from smartphones.

Landing page, product page
It is a microsite presenting a single feature of the business. Its main task is to advertise and encourage to purchase or contact. Landing page is a perfect solution for start-ups.
Individual cost estimation
Depending on the needs and size of the website, each project is priced individually. The payment is always one-time and all corrections and touches are included in the price.
Worldwide implementation
All information exchange can be completed by e-mail or by phone. Regardless of where your company is located, creating a website will be quick and easy.
Google AdWords campaigns
After creating a website, I can provide contact information to a friendly company dealing with AdWords campaigns. The effects are immediate and you do not have to wait months for SEO positioning results that may not meet your expectations.
Optional website administration
If you do not have the time or willingness to update the content yourself in the future, I can make any changes for you. You only pay for major changes and alterations, all the rest is free.

Multi-language website

If you have contact with foreign clients, it is worth ensuring that the website is available in several language versions. On request I will provide such possibility, so you do not have to create the same page twice in a different language.

Sliders with images

Shifting banners with advertising slogans are already a standard on almost every website. They attract attention and provide basic information about the company, so it is worth taking care of their professional appearance.

Cookies notification

According to EU requirements, every website using cookies should contain an appropriate message. On request I place such message in the footer, easy to hide and matching the design of the website.

Interactive galleries

In many types of businesses, photos are one of the most important elements on the website. If you want to display them in the form of an interactive and clean gallery, I will easily add such functionality to the website.

Complex contact forms

Many customers, instead of calling or writing an e-mail, prefer to send a message via the contact form located directly on the website. The messages will reach the selected e-mail address, thanks to which all your communication will be visible in one place.

Subpage with news

Important announcements can be placed on the news page, which automatically places entries chronologically. Sorting is also possible for months, categories, tags, authors etc.

Content copy protection

Do you want to protect content on the website from copying? Introducing the right mouse click block is a perfect solution. No one will be able to select text or download photos on your website.

Website animations

Delicate and non-invasive animations may add charm to your website and make it stand out from others. Emerging texts or pop-up images will embellish the website and help to attract the eye to the content.


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