Once called online diaries, today they are usually devoted to a specific topic. Blogs are a gate to popularity, which is easily gained with the help of an entertaining personality or interesting passions. Blogs allow you to share your opinions and skills with others, and the passion for writing can turn into something more serious, as many bloggers have found out.

Good-content blogs are gaining popularity. Show your uncommon interests to others!

Blog management using a smartphone
The content management system (CMS) is adapted to be operated via your smartphone. You do not need to use the desktop computer to add a post, delete a comment or view other blog activities.
A clear & simple text editor
New content is added using an editor that resembles Microsoft Word in functionality. Creating lists, bolding, justifying or adding photos and headlines is easy and requires no knowledge of programming.
Many authors on one blog
The blog can have any number of authors who have access to their own content through a separate login panel. Depending on the needs, one of the authors may be able to edit all posts to control co-worker articles.
Advanced comment system
Each post can be commented on by the reader, and the answers are grouped under a given comment. The anti-spam filter prevents spam and ads from getting in, and questionable comments need to be accepted by the post author before publication.
Categories, tags, archives
Internal taxonomy allows you to catalog posts and articles. Each can be linked to specific categories and tags, thanks to which the reader can easily find similar content. The archive works in the same way, sorting entries by date.
Hiding selected posts
Some content may be password protected so that only selected people can read it. In this way, no unauthorized person will get to the part of the blog he should not see.

Beautiful & stylish fonts

Each blog may have a unique style, thanks to a meticulously chosen font set. Forget about plain-looking Times New Roman or Arial. I will pick a font matching your website style and the text will no longer look boring and dull.

Audio and video recordings

In addition to a textual content, you can easily add recording and videos, including those posted on external sites such as YouTube. They can also be directly played on the blog without leaving the website.

Notification about cookies

According to the EU requirements, every blog using cookies should contain an appropriate message. On request, I put such message in the footer of the website, easy to hide and matching the design of the blog.

Interactive galleries

On many blogs, photos are one of the most important elements of the website. If you want to display them in the form of an interactive and readable gallery, I will add this functionality to your blog.

Fast contact forms

Many readers prefer to send a message via the contact form instead of writing an email. Messages will reach the chosen e-mail address, so that all entries will be visible in one place.

Social networks connection

Each post can be liked or shared on Facebook and other social networks. Another possible function is to link the post so that at the time of publication on social networking sites appropriate information appears.

Related articles, posts

In any part of the blog, related articles can be displayed that are similar to the one currently being viewed and may encourage the reader of the blog for further reading. Such tips significantly increase the number of page views.

Activity notifications

On your e-mail address you will receive notifications about new comments to posts, which will greatly facilitate contact with readers and you will not miss any discussion.


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